ING Trade

How to access the online currency and money markets

A summary of the advantages

ING offers a special online application for companies with international business operations that allows them to efficiently and safely execute their own currency and money market transactions: ING Trade.

Key characteristics of ING Trade are:



  • 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, free, online access to the global currency and money markets
  • Initiate and conclude transactions in a matter of seconds
  • Extensive transaction overview with handy search, print and export functionality
  • Transparent, precise information on currency exchange rates and money market interest rates
  • Currency risk management and Liquidity management



  • Execute transactions for multiple companies via a single login account
  • Fully automated transaction process – from exchange rate acceptance to settlement
  • Simple layout and display of your most frequently traded currency pairs
  • Expert support provided by ING Trade Support: +31 (0)10 300 9607



  • Access via a personal login account with password security
  • The secure use of ING Trade is guaranteed by the GlobalSign PersonalSign2 security certificate



  • Conversion of foreign currencies acquired as a result of import and export
  • Choice of virtually all tradable currencies worldwide


ING Trade Basic version ING Trade Plus version

The simplest version of ING Trade

The most fully-featured version of ING Trade

Initiating a currency or money market transaction is a simple, self-evident procedure

High level of flexibility, with a wide range of options

Suited for companies that wish to occasionally conclude a transaction at their leisure

Suited for companies that wish to conclude transactions in a range of currency pairs frequently, swiftly and effectively